Splitcart Promo

Buy Together & Receive $10

Sign up for Splitcart after checkout and receive $10 credit towards your order when you split the cost with others using Splitcart. We’ll even give those you invite $10 towards this order as well.

How it Works

Checkout with Splitcart
- Find what you need? Checkout with Splitcart to complete your group purchase. With our simple checkout process you can create your Splitcart in a few easy steps

Invite Others
- Invite others to contribute to your Splitcart so you can complete your group purchase!

Get your $10 Credit
- After signing up and creating your Splitcart, add a valid payment method. Once added your credit will be shown on the payment section of the Splitcart! This credit will apply towards your individual contribution.

Ex. You contribute $50 towards the order and apply your $10 credit, your card will only be charged $40!