About Us

What is Splitcart?

Splitcart is an innovative cost-sharing solution that takes the hassle out of group purchasing. With our proprietary payment platform, you can split the cost of concert tickets, hotel rooms, airline tickets and more. Splitcart is there to make the process of splitting the cost quick and easy. 

How it Works

Splitcart is designed to make cost sharing for group purchases effortless. With Splitcart you no longer have to worry about being responsible for the entirety of a purchase, or those awkward money collecting scenarios. 


For all products and services such as tickets, gifts, travel & lodging, etc...


Select Splitcart as your payment method at checkout

Invite Others

Use Splitcart to invite others so they can pitch in their share of the purchase


Once everyone has contributed your order is ready to go!

The App is where it's at

Create and stay up to date on your Splitcarts through our mobile app.