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Group Purchasing Made Easy

With millions of items to choose from, Splitcart makes it easy to share the cost of your favorite items in just a few taps.

Splitcart App

Our innovative iOS application allows users to shop and split the cost of over a million items. We've worked with top retailers to redesign the way people approach shopping for group purchases. With the Splitcart app, cost-sharing is as easy as Shop. Split. Ship!

Splitcart Checkout

Splitcart Checkout is an integrated cost-sharing solution that allows retailers to offer Splitcart's innovative cost-sharing service to their online customers. With the Splitcart platform, users can enjoy a new and improved way of making group purchases with their favorite online retailer or business.

A modern group purchasing platform with a great user experience

Splitcart's group purchasing platform makes sharing the cost of anything an easy and enjoyable experience.

Easy Contributions

Splitcart's iOS app accepts all major credit cards and Apple Pay, making contributing towards a group purchase convenient and accessible.

Painless Group Purchasing

Unlike traditional group purchasing, the organizer isn't stuck footing the initial bill. Money is collected before anything ships or is ordered.

Quick Sharing

Our unique Splitcart Shortcut's feature allows you to share a Splitcart anywhere you can type a message. A preview is given to show people the status before even tapping the Shortcut!

Gift Bigger

Our unique crowdfunding approach allows you to get them the gift they really deserve, without sweating over getting paid back.

iMessage Integration

Our unique iMessage integration keeps everyone up to date on the status of the Splitcart, while allowing you to easily chat with those who have contributed.

Top Retail Partners

We leverage the inventory of retailers you know and trust, so you get the same products you'd normally buy. We give you an easy way to share the purchase with anyone.

Available on iOS devices, the Splitcart app provides seamless shopping for group purchases from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? Here are some answers to the most common questions. As always, you can always contact us for more information or support.

You will have the ability to shop from millions of products on the Splitcart app. Once you select the product to be purchased, you will then create your Splitcart which allows you to split the cost with others. Once created, a link to the Splitcart is automatically generated. You will be able to the share the link, via any messaging/social platform, with friends, family, and others. After receiving the link each person can go directly to the Splitcart and contribute. Once the Splitcart is fully funded the product will automatically be ordered and shipped. It’s as simple as Shop…Ship…Split!

All you have to do is go to the App Store and download the Splitcart App. Then create an account which is quick and easy. You are then ready to start enjoying all the benefits Splitcart has to offer.

The Splitcart App is available for download in the App Store and can be used on iOS devices. Splitcart can also be used on Android devices through our web app services. This allows anybody using iOS or Android to participate and contribute to a Splitcart. We are working on having the ability to download the app from the Google Play Store.

It’s easy to split the cost of an item. One person, known as the organizer, will select the product and then create the Splitcart. Once created, a link to the Splitcart will automatically be generated. The organizer will then share the link, via any messaging/social platform, with the people who will be involved in the group purchase. The people receiving the link can also share it with others. After receiving the link each person can log into the Splitcart and contribute to the price of the selected product.

It’s very easy to share the Splitcart with other people. Within every Splitcart there is ‘Send Invite’ button. Anybody participating can send an invite, via any messaging/social platform, to anybody they wish.

On the Splitcart details page there is a ‘Contribute’ button. From this button you will be able to determine how much you would like to contribute and which form of payment you would like to use.

No, once you contribute you can not retract your contribution. Keep in mind, you are only charged once the Splitcart is fully funded. Up until that point the money in your account is marked as pending. You will not be charged if the Splitcart is cancelled, expired, or never fully funds.

One of the great things about Splitcart is you can always know where everything stands. To check the status all you need to do is log in and click on the Splitcart created. This will let you know who created the Splitcart, who the recipient is, details and price of the product, how much has been contributed, who has contributed, how much time before it expires, and when it has been fully funded.

No, there is no limit to the amount of people that can participate in the Splitcart. In addition to the organizer, participants can also invite people to join the Splitcart.

No, the money is marked as pending in your account. When the Splitcart is funded, the money will then be taken from your account.

No, the only time the organizer or anybody who participated will be charged for their contribution is when the Splitcart is fully funded. If the Splitcart is cancelled, expires, or does not meet the amount needed, the organizer and anybody else who contributed will not be charged.

Yes, there is a time limit. Different products have different demands and availability. There is a time limit to ensure the best chance that product will still be available when the Splitcart is fully funded. To help manage, each Splitcart shows how much time is left before it expires.  

Always know that when you use Splitcart you are using a safe and secure service. Your privacy is important to us. We do not store, share, or sell any credit card information to ensure a safe and secure transaction. All credit card information is tokenized so we as a service never see your credit card number, cvv or expiration date. That is always stored securely by the retailer’s payment processer.

Customer privacy and security is of the upmost importance to us. We utilize the Amazon Web Services platform and in doing so, benefit from all the security measures they put in place to protect their users/services.

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