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Offer your customers an easy solution to split the cost of

Splitcart is the only payment solution engineered to enable your customers that are making a group purchase to split the cost during checkout.

Your platform, our technology.

The Ultimate Convenience for Your Customers

And a competitive edge for your business

Create more conversions by providing customers with the convenience of “splitting the bill” during checkout. With Splitcart, customers can invite others to pay their portion, track their funding and create the most intuitive cost-sharing experience.

How It Works

Splitcart is designed to make cost sharing for group purchases effortless. With Splitcart one person no longer has to worry about being responsible for the entire purchase…or those awkward money collecting scenarios.

Choose Splitcart at Checkout


The customer shops as usual on your website or app for all products and services. During your checkout process, they select Splitcart as the payment method.

Send invites to the other contributors

Invite Others

The customer uses Splitcart to invite others so they can pitch in their share of the purchase.

Contributors click the link to pay their portion


All contributors click the link they receive  (via email, text or any other linkable method) to submit their payment.

Once all Splitcart contributors pay, the purchase is finalized.

Purchase Complete

Once everyone has contributed, the order is ready to go!

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Increase Revenue with Splitcart

Higher checkout conversions

The ability to split a purchase up-front means more transactions completed, in less time. Increase your Conversions up to 48%


Larger purchase sizes

Our unique crowdfunding model leads to larger purchases when people buy together. Increase your average order size up to 21%.


Increased traffic & marketing potential

Unlike a traditional group transaction, all Splitcart participants are exposed to your branding and website. Increase your website traffic up to 27%.



Sarah is buying airline tickets for a girl’s weekend getaway. She chooses Splitcart to checkout. Each of her friends pay by being directed to your website and are now your customers. They finish their purchase and are intrigued by another destination they see on your site, so they start poking around. Boom. Another potential purchase.

Convenience for Your Customers


Aaron is buying tickets to a concert for himself and his friends. He chooses Splitcart so he doesn’t have to worry about carrying the cost of all the tickets, waiting for everyone to send their money. He’s relieved that he doesn’t have to have that awkward conversation with John (the notorious freeloader) about paying for his ticket.



Your customers can split the cost of the group purchase right at checkout without having to download another app.

More buying power

Knowing they don’t have to carry the full cost for all their friends, they have more available funds to spend.

Less responsibility

Customers no longer have to foot the bill and hope their friends pay them back later…before their next bill arrives.

World-Class Customer Support

Our customers and your customers are our top priority. Our team of experts are there everyday to help you and your customers. Our technical support team is available 24/7. 

Popular group purchases where customers would normally have to split the cost later…


Concert Tickets

Sporting Event Tickets

Travel Plans

Large Gifts

…but not any more.

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